Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War is a mobile game in the zombie apocalypse genre. Gamers will have to collect survivors and build a base. Also, the dead will often organize their raids on them. They will also have to be driven away.

You can play an early version of Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War through Google Play in different countries: Australia, Canada, USA, and so on. There is no information about the iOS version.

The developers of Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War are positioning their mobile creation as a strategy game. The setting is a wasteland, in which an alliance with every gamer is worth its weight in gold.

Players will also have to explore new technologies and fight each other for valuable resources. Gradually they will unlock areas covered by the “fog of war”. It is better to take care of the strength of your walls in advance, since other alliances can launch a raid on you at any time, especially when you are not online.

One of the interesting things about Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War is the opportunity to get historical heroes: Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and so on.

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