The zombie survival mobile game Lost Future has entered the trial launch stage on Android. You can download the client through Google Play in the following countries: Canada, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

As for iOS gamers, you can download Lost Future through the App Store whereverOa larger number of countries – the list includes not only Southeast Asia, but also, for example, the USA. According to the App Store, the release took place on September 18 in the West and in the summer in Asia.

Lost Future features zombie battles in an open world. Players will craft items and hide from the dead in realistic locations. The hero can be upgraded, but in order for him to survive, he will have to take care of weapons and equipment.

Those who have played Lost Future note that the graphics are perfect, and character control is smooth and understandable. Players compare this project with The Last of Us and Days Gone. At the same time, there are bugs in the game, and the dialogues are not voiced. According to the App Store, there is no Russian localization.

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