Post-apocalyptic MMO with survival elements The Day Before received a release trailer and changed the release date for early access. The brainchild of FNTASTIC will go on sale later than planned – December 7, 2023 instead of November 10, but from purchase opportunity from Russia and with Russian voice acting. In a short video, we were shown the main features: an open, detailed world, a character editor, inventory, shooting mechanics and, in fact, the monsters themselves. The game will be released on PC, as well as current consoles: Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Apparently, the beginning of The Day Before will resemble the beginning of “28 days later”, when the clueless protagonist is picked up by a group of survivors. Together with them, we will work to restore the local society: look for supplies and materials, get currency and complete quests. Currency, by the way, is needed not only to improve weapons and transport, but also to buy food and visit the gym.

The Day Before has survival elements, so you’ll have to watch not only your HP, but also your hunger and thirst. What can we say about other aggressive players or monsters infected with something unknown? Well, where would survival be without construction? You can collect resources and open access to a small house. Furniture and decorations are customized in it – just the thing for relaxation after hard forays into the city.



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