Troopers Z is a mobile action game with isometric corridor locations, 3D graphics, anime characters and the dead. You can play Troopers Z through American Google Play; This is a trial run.

The developers of Troopers Z say that this project also contains elements from the roguelike genre. The players’ task is to free as many regions as possible from zombies. To do this, you need to explore different locations and walk through abandoned objects in search of resources.

The beauty of Troopers Z is that the player can combine hundreds of weapons with powerful skills. Thanks to this, you develop your own playing style.

Gamers in Troopers Z control a group of 3 heroes. You can switch between them during battles to perform combo attacks. And as you level up, you will be able to fight giants and nimble monsters.

Troopers Z is published by SkyRise Digital. You can also play Souls Surge, which is available in the US on Android.

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