Om Nom Run 3: Speedrun is a mobile game that is undergoing a trial launch on the American Google Play; There is no information about the iOS version. Unfortunately, there is nothing to say about the online elements either.

Om Nom Run 3: Speedrun features vertical gameplay that is reminiscent of Subway Surfers. Only this time starring Om Nom and Kus Nom. Together they run away from missiles and the minions of a huge robot. Only instead of endless races, each level has a finish line.

The main goal of Om Nom Run 3: Speedrun is to collect gold coins and avoid obstacles. To do this you need to move along 3 paths. The graphics in this game are simple, so it is suitable for budget smartphones.

Om Nom Run 3: Speedrun is published by ZeptoLab, who also released Cut the Rope 3 with Kus Nom exclusively on Apple Arcade.

If you compare Om Nom Run 3: Speedrun with Om Nom Run, the graphics have become less colorful and less varied. One can only hope that in addition to the railway depot there are other locations.

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