Yuzu emulator developers reported on progress for October 2023. The original post is very large, in English and with many technical terms. Therefore, in this news I present the summary in a readable format.

It all starts with a new game for Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Bros. Wonder. At release, the project could not be launched through Yuzu due to incorrect reports on memory used. Thanks to enthusiast byte[] The problem was solved with one line of code.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder became more playable, although questions were not limited to memory reports. The developers also fixed the vibration problem.

Changes for Android

Yuzu has a new manager graphics drivers. With it, you can switch between Mesa Turnip and Qualcomm drivers, plus have multiple versions of each driver at once.

Also now on some Adreno 600 and 700 video chips Yuzu does not crash on startup. This issue was due to the fact that some Android devices come with Vulkan 1.1 bootloader rather than 1.3. Because of this, there were problems despite using the Mesa Turnip driver.

Also, if you have a tablet or flip smartphone, then user byte[] added a view of the settings menu in the form of “grids”.

Optimization and accuracy of game rendering has been improved on almost all Android devices thanks to the addition of “Overlap request” Only users with Adreno 725 and 730 video chips had problems. Now they have been removed, so they are recommended to upgrade to this driver.

Future projects

Now let’s get to the fun part – the creators of Yuzu are working on Project Nice, especially for Android. Thanks to this, Nintendo Switch games not only run at 60 FPS, but also become fully playable on devices with “maximum temperature restrictions.”

Also, the speed of loading and closing games has increased.

Super Mario Odyssey gameplay taken from Red Magic 7S Pro.

There is no release date for Project Nice yet. They’re working on it, so it’s worth turning on “Hachiko mode”.


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