The beta test for The Division Resurgence begins tomorrow, November 15th. At the same time, content creators on YouTube are already posting new gameplay. No, they are not trying to deceive their viewers – Ubisoft just gave them access 1 day earlier than others.

The video for The Division Resurgence shows a redesigned tutorial – now it will be more understandable for those who are not familiar with The Division series and who are not well versed in similar genres.

Moreover, if the player feels that the training is too simple for him, then he can press the button and skip part of it. Now gamers will be taught how to take cover from turrets, run between covers and shoot in such a way as to avoid enemy bullets.

Downloading additional files occurs during training, but the ping may seem high. Players will also be given the opportunity to try out 1 of 4 classes. It will be interesting to see if Ubisoft has added Russian localization, because some of the mechanics are explained through text with a short video.


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