Not so much time has passed since the “insights” about the identity of the main character from Assassin’s Creed Red as on the Internet appeared even more information about the upcoming new product. This time the owner of the YouTube channel is responsible for the leak. j0nathan, who is known for his love for the Assassin’s Creed series. In his video, he talked about changes to the game map interface, the size of the world, gameplay and graphics.

Apparently, the developers of Assassin’s Creed Red will finally listen to the opinion of the community. According to j0nathan, in the next part there will be an order of magnitude fewer markers on the map, which many are so tired of. The game world itself will be smaller than in Odyssey, but very similar to Elden Ring in terms of navigation – players will be held by the hand less, allowing them to explore the area far and wide.

The quality of graphics and visual development of Assassin’s Creed Red will surpass previous games in the series, which is not surprising. But they will still be inferior to another Ubisoft project – Star Wars Outlaws.

Some gameplay details have also become known. Assassin’s Creed Red will feature a Sekiro-style grappling hook, the ability to lie down like in Metal Gear Solid, firearms, and mechanics for hiding in shadows and bushes. Moreover, the hero himself will be able to extinguish the torches, creating shelter for himself. Another innovation is a positioning system with which you can knock the ground out from under the enemy’s feet.

The last interesting detail is the espionage mechanic. After clearing the enemy camp, we will have a choice – kill their leader or make him a spy. In the second case, we will get access to new quests and information about them. And in the first there are only additional treasures.

We warn you that you should not believe this insider 100%. Ubisoft has yet to confirm what j0nathan said, so take this with a pinch of salt.


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