Do you remember when the GameNet company was involved in localization of the Aika Online project in Russia?

So now the developers have relaunched the game in the West as Aika Global – this is a new global relaunch of Aika Online with updates and improvements. The game is being released through a partnership between developer HanbitSoft and publisher CBM Games, with open beta testing starting today.

After a short delay, open beta testing has already begun. You can take part in it from today until November 16 at 11:00 Moscow time.

The team aims to involve as many players as possible to check the stability of the server, test the infrastructure and make sure that the servers are ready for heavy loads. For those who pre-registered before the open beta began, the team also included some currency in the game to help them test out the cash store experience.

For anyone who wants to try the game, you can download it from this link.

Aika Online Global is a faction-based PvP game with multiple factions locked in a war over relics. The game has several class options and additional features of the classic PvP MMORPG. This is the latest updated classic MMORPG aimed at a global audience. CBM plans to release the game with a level cap of 99, but first an open beta will help finalize the polish for the upcoming global release.

Once the beta is complete, there will be a complete data wipe, so if you decide to participate in the beta, expect all of your data, including character names and any currency, to be wiped before launch. If you haven’t tried Aika yet, or maybe you already have and want to see if it’s right for you, the open beta is available within the next week.


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