The new product received surround sound, new Alice capabilities and a neural processor that speeds up the response to voice commands.

Thanks to the neural processor, Station Midi processes requests faster and more accurately, so Alice responds better to commands and recognizes people by voice. The speaker has also learned to control Zigbee-enabled devices without the Internet: if the Internet is lost, you can still turn on the light or make it brighter with your voice.

In Midi Station, Alice can trigger smart home scenarios when she hears human speech. For example, you can set a scenario so that in the morning Alice herself turns on the kettle and music as soon as she hears voices.

The new speaker has three speakers with a total power of 24 W. A woofer was developed especially for Midi, which is responsible for deep bass. It is supported by two high-frequency speakers, and Room correction technology adapts the sound to the acoustics of the room. Station Midi is also equipped with a display, LED backlighting and has a compact body that follows the contours of Station 2. The display shows the time and weather outside the window, complementing the forecast with a warm or cold glow of circular LED backlighting. The lighting also reflects Alice’s emotions and reactions – users from any part of the room will see that she heard the request.

Sales of the Midi Station will start simultaneously in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on November 16. In the first two countries at the start, the speaker will be available in black and emerald colors, and in Kazakhstan – in black. Gray will appear later. You can learn more about the device from the Yandex mini-series about people and technologies YaC 2023, which will be released on the day the sales start.


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