Xbox is working on a mobile market that will compete with the App Store and Google Play. It will include games such as Call of Duty Mobile, Warzone Mobile and Candy Crush; that is, projects from Activision Blizzard, other Xbox studios, and third-party studios.

The release of the Xbox mobile market is scheduled for 2024. Its main feature will be permission to make payments bypassing Xbox servers. This way, studios will be able to offer their own payment methods and avoid paying Microsoft fees. The App Store and Google Play cannot afford this yet, worrying about the wallets of their investors and CEOs.

The ability to purchase games and pay for donations in them, bypassing Xbox, will reduce prices for end consumers – gamers. As a result, the Xbox Mobile Store may be the first where Fortnite returns.

The cost of games and in-game purchases is expected to decrease by 30%.

Microsoft and Xbox are also going to introduce cloud gaming to the Xbox Mobile Store as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This feature is currently in beta testing.

The release of the Xbox Mobile Store (unofficial name) will mark the start of the European Union’s Digital Market Act on March 6, 2024. It states that Apple and Google should allow other markets to be installed on their devices and allow developers to choose how their users pay.


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