Newspaper Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, announced negotiations between Netflix and Take-Two. They communicated about the Grand Theft Auto series; apparently Netflix wants to include mobile versions of San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III in its library. If this is the case and the negotiations are successful, updated and working versions of GTA will have to subscribe to Netflix.

Another option is that Netflix wants to complete the development of mobile games from the GTA The Definitive Trilogy collection. This will be a great solution since Take-Two is constantly pushing back release dates; This is probably due to the workload of Rockstar Games and the low interest in iOS and Android.

Domestic publications reported that the number of game downloads on Netflix has increased to 70.5 million. But this is a very small figure compared to the streaming service’s viewers, amounting to less than 1%.

In addition to GTA, Netflix wants to make games based on Sherlock Holmes, Black Mirror and Wednesday.


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