Under the flurry of news about the release of God of War on PC and the imminent release of GTA re-releases, I somehow forgot that one of the most anticipated multiplayer role-playing games of recent years, from the creators of the legendary TERA Online, which we all knew under the name AIR: Ascent: Infinite Realm, but it was released under the name Elyon.

I have been playing the game for a couple of hours now and I definitely want to share both all the information I have collected on the game and my opinion, but I will try to make it clear and short.

And the first thing to start talking about this game is that you just can’t play it. The fact is that in Russia and most countries of the former Soviet Union the game does not start. Although, going to the official website of the game and creating your profile is not a problem. But you will need to download the game clients from a separate link.

They say that for most players from Russia the game still works without special VPN services, but if you, like me, are now, for example, in Kazakhstan, then you will need the Exitlag program or its analogues.

If you fundamentally want to play with the majority of Russian-speaking players, then you need the Andromeda server. But it will be difficult to enter this server now due to its heavy workload.

If you still managed to get to the server without queues, now you have to do a few following steps:

  1. After logging into the game and selecting a server, you can enter your account name.

Your account name is generic to your Elyon account and will be displayed for your home, clan information, and friends list. The account name is also the same on all servers

  1. Once you have chosen your character’s class, race, and gender, you can name your character. Character names are unique across all servers and therefore cannot be used by another character.

Actually, after we dealt with the entrance to the game, we have to choose one of the parties to the conflict for which we will fight in sieges and other PvP activities. We have two factions to choose from:

Elyon online: The worst launch ever?!

Vulpin are noble leaders who strive for honor and a greater cause.

Ontari – courageous idealists who want to open the doors to a new era.

As for the races, everything here is also standard, as in any fantasy MMO.

Elves, people, orcs and some animals (as in any oriental fantasy world

We will also be given six classes to choose from, which for all fans of the MMORPG genre will also be quite simple and understandable:

Elyon online: The worst launch ever?!

  • warlord – A tank that has good mobility due to long distance jumps. It has a high defense rate, but a slow attack speed. Most likely it will be difficult at the start, but he will declare himself in the late stage of the game.
  • Elementalist – has a good attack range, high damage, but weak defense. A typical magician, for whom you need to learn how to correctly squeeze skills. It has two types of damage – fire and ice.
  • Mystic – a character who can heal. A support class capable of healing allies and applying various buffs (shields). Suitable for very “straight” hands.
  • Assassin – A close-range assassin who has the invisibility ability, which allows him to sneak up on opponents from behind. Has a very fast attack speed and good mobility.
  • Gunslinger (Shooter) – He has the biggest attack range, he also has a fire archetype. By the way, he is the most popular CBT class in Korea (25%).
  • Slayer – sixth grade male. According to the developers, it will be significantly different from the current archetypes, and it will appear in the next major update.

Each class has 27 skills in stock and all of them are placed on the game panel, which means that there will be enough build options.

And just like TERA Online was played in its time. Absolutely the same system without aiming at the target (complete Non-target, so to speak) and the same scheme with a bunch of skills that need to be pressed through, creating combos, in order to then press one more button and bend everyone.

To be honest, I did not notice any differences from the same TERA Online, except for the fact that by the end of the game prologue your character is already level 20, and you are still running around NPCs who teach you how to use some chips and give you tasks like : kill – bring.

In addition, out of 741 reviews for the US version available on Steam, only 47% are positive. First of all, the graphics, the development system and the lack of uniqueness were criticized. Recall that previously Elyon exclusive features were airships and battles. And now the first thing they give you in the game is some analogue of a jetpack, with wings.

Personally, I will wait for Russian localization, because VPN dances are not encouraging. And the huge amount of text that is in the game, and which is trying to tell you the history of the world, is still better to read in Russian.

And the game developers themselves have already made it clear that the release of the Russian version of Elyon will definitely be, although it is not yet known when.

The very same European version of the game just recently launched the third server. And I continue to wait for the full Russian localization of the game, but for now I suggest you watch the trailer.



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