A huge number of new and not so good games appear on Steam every day, and how good it is that real users can rate the game and leave a comment, thereby protecting other users from buying another trash or, conversely, pushing them to buy a really good project.

Today we will look at the games with the lowest ratings on Steam, whose existence in itself is a mistake in the universe. But I want to immediately make a reservation that we will not consider outright trash made from assets here. Let’s focus on games from famous studios, which are sometimes part of popular series.

Overwatch 2

And we’ll start with the game, the release of which on Steam marked the arrival of Blizzard in the service from Gaben. You know, they usually say that the first pancake is lumpy. But if you rely on the number of negative reviews, then Overwatch 2 is not even a pancake. I have no idea what this is. This is the second worst game on Steam according to regular players, with 90% negative reviews.

This reaction of players was essentially the result of Blizzard’s long-term policy, and, of course, deception on the part of the developer, who promised us a PvE mode with replayability and leveling, but in the end gave us anal monetization, canceled the PvE mode and offered to buy PvE- missions for “a measly 20 bucks.” Well what can I say, it’s deserved.

NBA 2K24

Well, who would doubt that the next casino simulator, extremely poorly disguised as a game, from the publishing house 2K will receive its share of negativity from the players. The project has a huge number of bugs in its menu, crappy optimization (despite the fact that the game on PC looks worse than on consoles), and you won’t believe it, cheaters. I am generally silent about the fact that the series has not changed since 15.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the specially slowed character progression, which literally forces the player to spend another 100-150 dollars on boosters. That’s not counting the fact that the game is already worth the full price tag. With a result of 91% negative reviews, the prize for the worst game goes to Mr. Strauss Zelnik.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

We already have Blizzard in the top of bad ratings, but Activision is not yet. We correct this assumption and present Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, which boasts 85% negative reviews.

Players are complaining about frequent crashes to the desktop, disgusting matchmaking and Activision’s pricing policy, which has raised prices for the game and the battle pass in some regions. Like children, honestly. It’s time to understand a long time ago who Bobby Kotick is and how he prefers to do business.

Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction

Let’s move from relatively recent games to timeless classics from the world of bombing fans. Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction has 84% ​​negative reviews, which it deserves because the third part of the popular and beloved Flatout series in narrow circles turned out to be not a Flatout series game at all.

The vehicle physics of Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction have been screwed up, making the racing experience absolutely zero fun. The soundtrack, for which the previous parts of the series were loved, also went to the landfill.

You don’t understand the whole essence of this game, it’s not a race – it’s a psychological horror!
At first glance it looks like an ordinary racing game… but if you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that there is something wrong with this game…


The main hope of all the inhabitants of the GTA V and ARMA RP servers, Identity, is a symbol of disappointment and a living example of the fact that you should not trust developers without a name and throw your money at them.

From “the most ambitious real life simulator”, Identity very quickly turned into a crooked craft made from assets, which the developer abandoned and does not update, despite all his promises and assurances.

Even though I said that this material will contain the worst games on Steam from famous publishers, I just can’t help but pay attention to Identity as a reminder that you can’t trust the developers.

Sacred 3

There was once a German studio called Ascaron, and it had a desire to “kill Diablo.” And she almost succeeded with the first part of Sacred. Then there was a sequel, with controversial ideas and their implementations. And then the studio went bankrupt and ceased to exist.

But the publisher, THQ Nordic, decided that it was no good for the franchise to remain in the past and released the third part… Which was anything but Sacred. And of course, fans of the series have crammed the game into overdrive for its slasher mechanics, lack of an open world, and lack of proper leveling and equipment.


Almost everyone has heard about the “successes” of Redfall. One of the Xbox console exclusives from one of the software giant’s internal studios with endless money. What could possibly go wrong? Yes, basically everything went wrong.

The gentlemen from Arkane, whom players loved for Dishonored and Prey, decided to create a successful looter shooter about vampires, which they would develop for many years. But alas, creating a successful service game is still a task, and therefore at release Redfall was full of bugs, showed one of the most “stupid” AI in the industry and disgusting gameplay. And it is not surprising that the players very quickly renamed the project Redfail.


The third installment in the heist video game series was released and was a total disaster. Despite testing, PAYDAY 3 is simply teeming with all sorts of bugs that make the project simply unplayable.

Players cannot find the private lobbies of their friends, heists cannot be safely restarted if something does not go according to plan, and it is also impossible to kick a cheater or ruiner out of a party. The available content is enough for a couple of evenings, and there is not much variety of equipment and weapons here. The game clearly needs more than one patch to bring it to a sane state, but so far PAYDAY 3 has 65% negative reviews from Steam users.

Madden NFL 24

Did you think the mention of sports games in this article would be limited only to basketball? I might have wanted this, but Electronic Arts suddenly appeared and said: “What about me? Actually, I have a terrible game too.”

Players are complaining that this is literally the same game as in 2017. And in 2018. And in 2019. Well, you understand. And not only is the series stagnating, but the developers are completely unable to cope with bugs, and the optimization of the project is also somewhere at the bottom level.

The same garbage year after year. Insane amount of input lag. The game is complete garbage, what do the developers actually do every year?

This list of the worst games on Steam can be continued for a very, very long time. Especially considering the fact that each of us has some projects that disappointed us. But, unfortunately, for the AAA companies whose games are included in this material, all these reviews of yours on Steam and on third-party resources are completely irrelevant. After all, their projects are sold no matter what, thanks to the magical power of the monopoly and famous brands.


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