Hello! Today we will talk about what experience and credits are awarded for in the World of Tanks online game. This information will be of interest to both beginners and longtime players.

Experience and credits give:

1. For causing damage to enemy tanks.
2. For inflicting critical damage to enemy tanks. (taking into account the difference in the levels of tanks).
3. For detecting enemy tanks (more for self-propelled guns than for a regular tank).
4. Firefly for inflicting damage with friendly vehicles on targets illuminated by it.
5. Bonus experience for destroying an enemy tank (only the one who destroyed this tank takes into account the difference in tank levels).
6. Bonus experience for capturing the enemy base (only for the invaders, in proportion to the time spent at the base).
7. Bonus experience for knocking down the capture from your base (in proportion to the “down” percentage).
8. Bonus experience for “Lost”.
9. For “active fighting.” They mean shooting in a certain radius from the enemy and shooting the enemy in a certain radius from the player. In general, it turns out a little, but it affects.
11. The more your team removes hits from the enemy, the more experience each will get.
Only killed tanks count hits. The ratio is really small.
12. Bonus experience for a team victory (+50% experience for each tank)!

Experience and credits DO NOT give:

1. For damage to friendly vehicles (moreover, some experience and credits are taken away from you).
2. For the destruction of friendly vehicles (moreover, some experience and credits are taken away from you).
3. For ricochets and non-penetration.
4. For receiving damage.
5. For receiving “heroic” titles based on the results of the battle (except for “Invader”, see paragraph 5 of the previous list, as well as “Defender”.
6. No bonus experience for a draw! For defeat, of course – too.
7. There is no special bonus experience for the whole team “For killing all enemy tanks”.


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