The World of Tanks game has its own combat tactics for each type of military equipment. Let’s look at the tactics of the game on the PT. The above features of combat can be extended to tank destroyers of any level, but we will focus on high-level vehicles.

For any anti-tank installation, frontal armor is the main defense against direct hits by the enemy and receiving significant damage. The bulk of this type of combat units of military equipment does not have a turret, as a result of which they can only shoot directly, in the direction of the gun. In this case, having let the enemy into your stern, you risk losing tank destroyers without being able to answer the enemy. In such cases, the enemy most often either tries to block your ability to move and turn around its axis, preventing you from getting into a firing position. And this means that in order to protect your combat vehicle, you need to use one simple trick that will make it easy to avoid such an unpleasant moment as the defeat of a light tank that drove into your rear.

How to prevent a tank destroyer from being destroyed by a light or medium tank?

The solution to this seemingly hopeless situation is simple. When playing on the AT, you only need to choose firing positions near natural or artificial fortifications. Simply put, do not drive far from buildings or high ground in the terrain, such as steep mountains or rocks.

And here you are standing at the wall of the building on a level 10 tank destroyer. An enemy light tank VK-2801 is rushing towards you, and at that moment you are just reloading. What to do? And here’s what: put the PT perpendicular to the wall of the building so that the stern adjoins the wall closely. This simple position will no longer allow a light tank to quickly drive into your rear. The second task remains – to prevent the light tank from blocking you from turning the gun in its direction. To do this, you, standing in one place with the stern to the wall, turn around in the direction of the movement of the light tank. Often, seeing certain death, drivers of light tanks do not even risk approaching tank destroyers standing in such positions. After all, when the LT hits you in the sight, it will immediately be destroyed by the very first shot.

If you find yourself in a situation where an enemy light tank drives up to you from the side and does not allow you to turn around, you drive forward a little, and then turning back on the tank destroyer, turn the gun towards the enemy. Most often, this allows you to bring down the enemy on the tank and quickly destroy it.

Remember the main rule – when you see danger, stand astern close to a wall or stone, and then try to keep the enemy in sight, not giving him the opportunity to maneuver. This will drastically increase the survivability of your tank destroyer.

How to help the team and whom to shoot from tank destroyers in the first place?

Everything is simple here. You play tank destroyers in World of Tanks. The main task for this type of combat vehicles is the destruction of tanks. Try not to deviate from this goal in the game. Once in the thick of things on the front line, at a moment when you have several types of enemy tanks in front of you at once, choose highly armored tanks as your target first. Give priority to shooting at heavy tanks, even if it is possible to destroy a nearby light tank or self-propelled guns with one shot. After all, you and only you on tank destroyers are capable of inflicting maximum damage to heavy tanks. Don’t be greedy, your allies will finish off the light tank and self-propelled guns for you. Focus on heavy tanks and ensure victory for yourself and your team.


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