Guide to breaking through tanks in the online game World of Tanks.

How to break through a tank?

The system that tracks the possibility of breaking through the tank, after the projectile has been fired at the enemy, is quite difficult to understand in general. In a real combat situation, the player simply will not have time to understand how to pierce a tank enemy in front of him. However, knowing certain rules of this system, you will be much less likely to make mistakes when shooting at a tank.

What determines the penetration of the tank?

To pierce tankswe will briefly go through the whole scheme tank penetration systems and focus on the most important points. So, the main indicators that affect the penetration of tanks are:

  • Tank armor thickness
  • Distance to tank
  • The angle of impact of the projectile on the tank
  • Projectile caliber
  • Characteristics of the armor penetration of the gun

Let’s look at each of these indicators separately to understand how we can influence penetration of tanks.

Tank armor thickness

One of the main parameters allowing pierce tanks is the thickness of the target’s armor at which your projectile is fired. Whether the projectile will penetrate the tank’s armor or not depends on the armor penetration value of the gun.. If it allows you to “flash” the tank lining within the specified limits of the armor penetration of the gun, the tank will be pierced. If in front of you is a target whose armor thickness exceeds the capabilities of your gun, after firing you will receive non-penetration.

Distance to tank

One of the basic rules of how to pierce tanks – get as close to the target as possible. The distance directly affects the penetration of tanks. Remember – if the distance to the target exceeds 100 meters, the ability to penetrate tanks is sharply reduced. Stay within 100 meters of your target to effectively penetrate tanks. In this case, the shots will be strong.

Projectile impact angle

From that at what angle will the projectile hit the tank the ability to penetrate tanks directly depends. The most effective angle of penetration of a projectile into the armor of an enemy target in order to penetrate a tank is 0 degrees. Recall that the angle of impact of the projectile on the tank is calculated from the normal – a straight line coming out of the tank at a right angle to the plane of the skin. Thus, a shot at a tank at a right angle (90 degrees) will be a calculated angle of impact of 0 degrees. With such a projectile hit, the thickness of the armor will correspond to the tank’s protection indicators. If the angle of impact is above 0 degrees, the thickness of the armor seems to increase due to the fact that the projectile will pass through the armor not directly, but diagonally. The higher the angle of entry of the projectile, the less likely it is to penetrate tanks.

Features of penetration of tanks

  • If the angle of impact of the projectile into the armor of the tank is higher than 45 degrees, inevitable rebound (impossibility to penetrate the armor of the tank).
  • In the game “World of Tanks” there is a concept “normalization angle“. It is 5 degrees. Normalization angle – this is the error in calculating the angle of impact of the projectile.
  • If the caliber of the projectile and its armor penetration are 3 times the thickness of the tank’s armor at the point of impact, the tank is unconditionally penetrated without taking into account the angle at which it hit the tank.

Projectile caliber

The higher the caliber of the projectile, the higher the penetration of tanks at your weapon. Pay attention to the features of how to break through tanks.

Gun armor penetration

Each tank gun in World of Tanks has an armor penetration value. This indicator is compared by the calculation system of that how to pierce tanks with an indicator of the thickness of the target’s armor. If your gun is capable of penetrating a specific tank armor, this will happen. If the thickness of the armor is higher than the capabilities of the gun, hit without damage.


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