The developers of Wizard of Legend Mobile published on Western social networks that the release of the dungeon crawler will take place on October 27 at 19:00. This game also combines elements from bagels. It has a pixel art style and random dungeons with 10 levels.

There are currently no pages for Wizard of Legend Mobile on the App Store or Google Play. Pre-registration can be done at TapTap. I note that 2 people worked on this game.

Wizard of Legend Mobile will be a premium game. It does not focus on dynamic dungeon combat. You need to use magic against enemies, creating special builds. You can create combos from spells. I note that magic is divided into different schools:

  • Wind;
  • Water;
  • Earth;
  • Fire.

There are over 100 unique spells to unlock in Wizard of Legend Mobile. Among them there is magic that creates doubles that fight side by side with the player. If we talk about co-op, the developers of the mobile version have not yet confirmed this possibility.


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