Have you started the path of the Wizard? Now all the power of the elements has become available to you and it is no longer a problem for you to summon a thundercloud or arrange an Armageddon.

A lot of players love different magical classes. And in Royal Quest Here the choice is not so great. Take as your starting character Maga, and at level 20 you have a choice between a Wizard or a Warlock. And, if you are reading this guide, then your choice is Wizard.

This class is a logical development of the Magician, that is, a universal magical orientation. Of course, he won’t be a tank, but he performs all other roles “excellently”. This character knows how to heal and protect both himself and his allies – that is, he perfectly plays the role of support. Of course, the Wizard makes an excellent damage dealer, able to cut through packs of mobs quickly and extremely efficiently. He can also effectively control opponents, and this is useful both in PvP and PvE.

But what are the main features of this class, and how to download it in general? That’s what we’ll talk about now. Let’s start with those differences that distinguish the Wizard from all other characters.

The main features of the Wizard class

Royal QuestThe range of possibilities of the wizard is quite large, he can be both a controller of enemies and their crusher; both a good support and a disabler.

The first feature of the Wizard is, in fact, the only classic caster in the game (not counting the Mage itself, of which this class is a logical development), which, as already mentioned, very versatile. The team needs a damage dealer? Take the Wizard. Need a good support (which support class is this)? Again we turn to the Wizard. Need control? And again he. Both in PvE and PvP, this character will always come in handy, and the variety of abilities and abilities makes the game not only productive, but also very interesting.

The main parameters of the Wizard are Intelligence, Agility, Endurance And Luck. Let’s start from the end, with Luck, which we … immediately brush aside. For our character to develop it does not make the slightest sense. But what parameter is really needed is Intelligence. It greatly increases Attack (the very parameter that determines the damage dealt), and is paramount for a damage wizard. Yes, and the effectiveness of healing spells, this characteristic also increases.

Dexterity can be quite useful, which increases the speed of application of abilities. Again, it will be a nice option for all those who like to accelerate DPS (which is damage per second) to maximum values. Well, Endurance will be useful not only by increasing the number of your hit points (the more we live, the better). It also increases the mana pool, which will be useful for those who pump the Support Wizard.

All Mages have one more resource that you should know about. This is Concentration, which is consumed by some abilities (without it, for example, it is impossible to use Mana Surge), or enhances them. It is restored by the Magical Concentration skill, potions, and some other skills. In particular, three uses of a target skill (such as Fireball or Frostbolt) restore some amount of Concentration.

How to rock the Wizard

Royal Quest classesThe wizard is always a sought-after class, as the best healer and support cannot be found.

Compiling a build for this class is one of the most difficult tasks. It’s not that it’s hard to make it useful, it’s just that there are really many interesting options here, and it’s hard to stop at just one. Therefore, we will try to give general development tips for the damage dealer, support and controller, and you yourself will choose what you like best.

So, damage dealer, he’s a damage dealer. We pump in his Intelligence to the maximum, and Dexterity – as much as possible. Needed, first of all, in PvE, because control and support are more valued in PvP. What do we need first? Attacking abilities, use the one that deals more damage. Of the target spells (hitting a separate target), we need Fireball, Stone Spikes and Lightning. For area attacks, that is, AoE, we take Thundercloud, Meteor and Geyser. You may also need Fire Wall, which not only damages enemies, but also repels them.

magician in Royal QuestThe wizard alone can exterminate masses of opponents, which not everyone can boast of.

If we consider talents, then the Element branch will be the most useful for us. In particular, the following will be useful for us: Scorching Flame, Chain Lightning, Chain of Elements, Elemental Power, Lightning Bolt and Fatalism. They all increase damage in one way or another. The ult will also be very useful – Crystal of the four elements. It duplicates Fireball, Frostbolt, Stone Spikes, or Lightning Bolt, casting the duplicated spell at the nearest enemy. For a damage-focused PvE Wizard, this is a great talent. In other branches, you swing as you see fit, but in the Fundamentals of Magic, you should pay attention to Stasis, Burning Barrier and Archivist, and in Illusion you will need Avalanche. Everything else is optional and needed primarily to boost your survivability.

Next we look at the support, the Support Wizard. The main characteristics for such a character will be Intelligence and Endurance. The speed of casting the spell is not so important here, but a high supply of mana is very necessary.

Royal Quest guideThe mind is the main tool of the magician, everything else will follow.

Now let’s choose skills. For healing, we use the spells Heal, Regeneration and Circle of Healing (ultimate, the last talent in the Healing branch). We strengthen them with the help of the Aura of Life. Remove negative effects with Spell Break, restore energy to allies with a Power Charge, and protect them with Anti-Field. We also use a Healing Shield and a Force Field. We increase the duration of useful spells with the help of the Circle of Time. And we restore mana with the help of Mana Infusion and Magical Focus.

We take talents, first of all, from the Healing branch. Here it is easier to list the useless ones – this is High Magic (we do not need increased mana costs) and Life Guardian (obviously loses to Healing Resonance). The rest are pretty much all useful.

If we talk about other branches, then in Illusions it is worth taking the Distorting Field, Avalanche, Time Control and Chronomancer. Everything else is optional.

And finally, the controller. Here we need the spells Frostbolt, Seal of Silence, Dementation, Chains of Ice and Stone Spikes with the Tremors of the Earth talent. Also useful is the ultimate from the Fundamentals of Magic – Force Wave. In terms of talents, we take everything that helps us with controls. This is the hardest thing to advise, but useful are, for example, Illusion Madness, which speeds up the cooldown of Dementation, or Elemental Binding Cold, which prolongs the effect of Icing.


The Wizard is not only an interesting class, but also very easy to learn.

Of the general recommendations for pumping, remember about abilities such as Teleportation and Force Field in order to live longer. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with builds – for example, the support/controller combo is incredibly useful in PvP.

So keep it up!


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