Since last update Elden Ring almost two months have passed. Finally, the authors of the game published patch 1.06 – it expanded the possibilities of summoning and invasion, and also did not forget about balance changes and bug fixes.

We chose the main thing from the “patch note”:

  • Increased the radius in which Invasion Markers and Summon Marks work. It will also be possible to leave them in several places at once – they will not disappear even if the character leaves the location.
  • Strengthened two-handed and curved two-handed swords, as well as war hammers.

  • Roll range has been increased if the equipped equipment has a small weight.

  • Skills “Tread of the Bloodhound” and “Corpse Collector” have become more balanced.

    • The former will begin to lose effectiveness with frequent use, while the latter deals less damage and does not maintain bleeding status when hit by a bloody attack.

  • It is now possible to continue the White-Faced Varre quest chain without invading the worlds of other players. To do this, you need to overcome a new character.

Patch 1.06 is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Previously fan Elden Ring assembled a wandering mausoleum from LEGO parts – it took 5-6 thousand parts to build it.


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