The model is equipped with a self-cleaning station, supports dry and wet cleaning, and is also capable of cleaning a large area from dust and dirt.

Roidmi EVE CC is a fairly compact robot vacuum cleaner: its height is 97 mm, its body diameter is 325 mm, and it weighs 5.4 kg. This makes the model more efficient as it can get into hard-to-reach places while cleaning. The self-cleaning station has dimensions of 275 x 199 x 293 mm, so you will not have any problems finding a suitable place for it in your apartment or house. Thus, this robot vacuum cleaner can be a great choice for a small family.

Roidmi EVE CC

At the same time, despite the modest dimensions, Roidmi EVE CC has enough power to cope with dirt. The suction power is 4000 Pa – this is enough not only for cleaning flat and smooth surfaces, such as laminate, but also for thoroughly cleaning carpets and cracks in the floor. The model also has a low noise level, which does not exceed 76 dB – you don’t have to worry that the buzzing of the vacuum cleaner will distract you from the game while it is working. The vacuum cleaner can work for 180 minutes without recharging, and cover up to 150 square meters at a time.

Roidmi EVE CC

During cleaning, the device uses the LDS 3.0 laser navigation system and infrared sensors, which allows it to effectively avoid obstacles and build an accurate map of the room. The robot carefully collides with obstacles, so it is not capable of damaging fragile equipment and other objects installed on the floor. It also recognizes stairs, so it won’t fall from the second floor. After constructing the map, you can mark restricted areas in the application, set a cleaning schedule and operating mode.

Roidmi EVE CC

The model is equipped with a roller brush with rubber bristles, which better captures pet hair, hair and other debris compared to previous generation vacuum cleaners and devices from competing manufacturers. And the built-in water container makes it possible to carry out 2-in-1 cleaning – sweep and wash the floors. After cleaning is completed, the device will go to the self-cleaning station and independently unload the accumulated garbage. Due to the large volume of the bag, the station will have to be cleaned no more than once every two months. At the same time, special impregnation eliminates the appearance of bacteria and unpleasant odors in the bag.

Roidmi EVE CC

Robot vacuum cleaner Roidmi EVE CC will relieve you of household chores, allowing you to devote more time to entertainment, including video games. Right now this model can be bought on OZON at a price of about 23 thousand rubles.

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