Meet Sci-Fi Diablo!So far, isometric projects are starting to gain momentum again in the gaming industry in general and in the MMORPG genre in particular, and many players are waiting for lost Ark, which has already become practically legendary, and may be playing Diablo or other isometric MMORPGs in general (fortunately, there are enough of them in the Chinese gaming market) well or tormented, already translated into English Devilian in Steam is going (in the next week) to release a new “killer” Lost Ark and Diablo combined and his name is “Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan”.
Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is an action MMO, which, according to the glory of its creators, very successfully absorbed all the mechanics of both a full-fledged MMO (Pvp and PvE content) and elements of Hack’n’Slash, in terms of battles, but with skills in a style that would be more suitable for the MOBA genre.
An explosive mixture, isn’t it?!

Now let’s look at this project in a little more detail.
We have a long and successfully launched project in Korea since 2012. Now this October, it’s coming to Steam for the European gaming market.
Plus, to all of the above, you can add an unusual setting for such games in the style of Sci-fi.

Players can also choose from over a dozen heroes from two rival factions. The heroes of both factions differ both in appearance and abilities, and call for completely different playstyles.
Guardians are military men who rely on strict discipline and training, and are more likely to attack as an organized team. As an alternative, there are

Abandon are invulnerable mutants who are suited to lone wolves and are expert in using weapons and gadgets to survive even the harshest environments.

Each hero has unique abilities, such as a sniper rifle or a powerful battle pet.

To all this, dungeons and raids for 15 people are also attached.
I think it’s quite a good alternative in anticipation of the same Lost Ark.


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