Whisper of Shadow is a mobile roguelike game with a gloomy setting that from afar resembles 2 projects at once: Hades and Darkest Dungeon. This project has vertical gameplay, so it is convenient to play with one hand, and the gameplay revolves around a team in which the player collects the best fighters.

Whisper of Shadow is currently soft-launching in the US on Android. You can download the client directly through Google Play. The developers promise a real adventure in the dungeons.

Whisper of Shadow players will participate in automatic battles and gradually unlock new levels. The trick is that you can not know in advance what lies ahead. To win battles, you need to pump fighters, as they only give 10 rounds.

After each level, gamers can choose 1 of 3 random buffs. But as for the open world, which the developers talk about in the description of the game on Google Play, they are cunning – there is no particular freedom of action, players are limited by levels and battles. There are also questions about online elements that are either not there or in a very “truncated” format.

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