Sea of ​​Thieves is filled with a chilling mix of emerging deep-sea threats, including ferocious megalodons and pursuing skeletal armadas. However, nothing is more elusive or intimidating than the mighty Kraken. Unfortunately, due to the random nature of the encounters in the game, it can be quite difficult to keep track of this crushing collection of tentacles. Here are some helpful steps brave pirates can take to improve their chances of finding and killing the Kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves.

Where to find the Kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves

  • First, load your ship with as many cannonballs and wooden planks as you can find.
  • Then find a high vantage point and look for skull fort or skeleton ship clouds on the horizon. The Kraken will not spawn while any of them are active.
  • If one of these raid-style clouds works, you’ll either need to swim through and complete the challenge, or try to find another server where the clouds have disappeared.
  • After you manage to complete the encounter with the Skull Fort or the Skeleton Fleet, head into deep water, away from any islands, for a chance to fight the Kraken.
  • While not guaranteed due to the random nature of these emerging threats, in our experience it appears that the chance of encountering the Kraken immediately after clearing a fort or skeletal fleet is much higher.
  • You’ll know when the Kraken is coming because your ship will lose most of its mobility and the waters around you will turn inky black.

There is no 100% method for finding the Kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves, but following these steps will give you a better chance of finding it. If you’re working towards earning rewards dedicated to hunting down these Titans of the Deep, it’s worth taking the time to find and complete as many Skull Forts or Skeleton Fleets as possible.

How to kill the Kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves

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  • Once you’re in the middle of the Kraken’s clutches, pull the anchor so your ship doesn’t fly out of the fray with its powerful tentacles.
  • Jump on your cannons and aim at the various tentacles emerging from the water. Striking each of them 3-4 times should cause it to return to the water.
  • If the Kraken manages to wrap a tentacle around your ship, you need to pay attention to hit that tentacle with a firearm or saber, but be careful as the blood released from the attacks damages players and obscures their vision. Dealing enough damage will eventually cause the Kraken to loosen its iron grip.
  • Once you’ve destroyed enough tentacles, the mighty beast will retreat back into the depths from which it emerged, leaving you victorious in this legendary showdown.
  • Be sure to collect the loot and Kraken meat that dropped from each of the conquered tentacles during the battle.

Interacting with the Kraken should be one of the most challenging and memorable challenges currently available in Sea of ​​Thieves. The difficulty of this fight will ultimately depend on your ship type and crew size. This is likely to be quick and easy for solo sloops, while a 4-man galleon will have to take on a tougher enemy. Luckily, with the right resources and a steady shot, any pirate can successfully take down the kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves.


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