Finally, an event has taken place, which among gamers can safely be equated with the New Year. BlizCon 2023 took place, which this time “everyone could attend,” since the broadcast was absolutely free.

I have collected for you all the important announcements from two days of the exhibition into one large article, so that you do not have to look for information in different places, and at the same time so that you can create your own calendar of purchases and expectations from Blizzard.

The first day of BlizzCon 2023 was full of new discoveries.

Blizzard pleased us with the announcement of the first expansion for Diablo 4, called Vessel of Hatred. The expansion is slated for release in late 2024, in line with Diablo franchise boss Rod Fergusson’s statement earlier this year that players should expect yearly expansions.

A more detailed introduction to the expansion is planned for the second day of the conference, but for now it is known that players will continue to play through the Diablo 4 campaign. Mephisto, the lord of hatred, will go to a new region known as Nahantu. Series veterans were first introduced to this region in the third act of Diablo 2.

A completely new class has also been announced, but it won’t be a returning class from the previous game. More details will be available in the coming months. In the meantime, enjoy the teaser trailer and stay tuned for more news!

Well, I continue to wait for the paladin in Diablo 4

During the opening ceremony, a new cinematic was presented, which you can see below.

The developers also announced that the Battlefields mode will feature a new 2v2 co-op mode. They plan to add it in 2024.

Let me remind you that in the “Battle in the Badlands” expansion, players will find many cards, including those with new properties. One of them, called “Offhand”, gives a certain bonus if you play a card on the turn in which you received it. The “Loot” property gives a random card, and each time it becomes rarer.

What's important to know about BlizzCon 2023

And of course, at Blizzcon 2023, Blizzard introduced a new character named Mauga for the multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch 2. He is a tank armed with two chain guns (Gunny and Cha-Cha). The hero will appear in the game with the start of Season 8, scheduled for December 5, 2023.

According to an early leak, each of Mauga’s weapons has a unique effect. One of them deals periodic damage, while the second deals critical damage when the enemy’s health is low. He is also able to dash, throwing everyone around, create an aura in which allies take less damage and are healed when damage is dealt, and also blocks opponents in a ring, receiving endless ammo for one.

If you plan to actively play Overwatch 2 and want to try out a new character, then you have one last chance to try Mauga before his debut in Overwatch 2 Season 8! Play as the new tank hero in any non-competitive mode for free until November 6th.

Below you can watch the trailer with the new character. Personally, I really liked it, and I’m thinking of trying it in the game at the first opportunity.

What's important to know about BlizzCon 2023

Well, we’ve finally come to the main announcements of all BlizzCon 2023.

And I’ll naturally start telling you about the modern and current version of WOW.

So, Blizzard Entertainment published the official notes for the World of Warcraft Patch 10.2: Guardians of the Dream update long before the update was released. This will give players plenty of time to check out all the new content, features, and changes coming to the long-running MMORPG when it releases next week.

The centerpiece of Update 10.2 is the new Emerald Dream zone, a lush and mystical area home to the new Dream Gardeners faction. In the new chapters of the campaign, players will be able to complete various tasks for this faction and earn rewards as they try to stop Firakk from invading the dream world.

New chapters and story missions will be released throughout November, culminating in the battle against eight bosses and Firakk the Burning himself in the new raid “Amirdrassil, Hope of the Dream.” Those who successfully complete this test will be able to receive new sets of class amor, mounts for riding dragons and the legendary two-handed ax of Fyr’alath, Dream Render.

Players can also expect a new Eastern Kingdoms Dragon Racing Cup event, new glyphs, new druid kits, several new character customization options, and a new 8v8 Blitz Brawl stage.

In addition, patch 10.2 will reduce the number of skills and items for healing mana, increase the recharge time of revival catalysts to two weeks, include PvP equipment in the universal upgrade system, and make a number of general gameplay improvements and quality of life improvements.

And of course, watch the trailer for the upcoming patch.

And now… we move on to perhaps the most important announcement of the entire BlizCon.

Worldsoul Saga is the name of three expansions planned for release in the coming years for World of Warcraft.

Three expansions—The War Within, Midnight, and The Last Titan—tell a new story as Dragonflight concludes Blizzard’s twenty-year history of Storytelling, which began in 2004 with the release of the original World of Warcraft.

The first addition in the series, The War Within, will be released next year. It is necessary to understand that each of the additions to the collection is, in its essence, miniature, which is confirmed by the cost: $50 for the entire Worldsoul Saga collection most eloquently speaks of what Blizzard has prepared for WoW fans.

The first expansion takes place in the underground region with 4 new zones Khaz Algar, home to titans forged from the earth. Other new additions include an increase in the level cap to 80, a new Delphi ally race, new skills and talent trees, and much more.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this announcement is that it is the first time Blizzard is announcing three expansions at once.

All that remains is to wait for the release of WOW on Steam. Which I think will happen somewhere in 2024. In the meantime, let’s look at the trailer for the new addition.


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