At the last LAUNCHING SHOWCASE event, NCSOFT announced the release date of MMORPG Throne and Liberty in South Korea – December 7, 2023. If you can’t wait to get started, here’s a link to registrationbut keep in mind that you won’t be able to do this just like that due to the peculiarities of transferring personal data in this country.

Also, the game producer Jonghok Ahn, answering questions from players, revealed some details of the release version of Throne and Liberty. Gamers were especially interested in the issue of monetization. It will be based on several aspects.

Battle Pass. There will be several of them – a “Development Journal”, which is filled as your character grows, and a special journal that gives access to special tasks once a month (more precisely, every four weeks). Most of the paid content in the passes is based on cosmetic items and consumables that make leveling up easier. According to the developers, they tried to avoid P2W rewards. If you complete all the tasks of the battle pass, but it remains active for a while, you will receive a special currency as a reward, which can be spent in a special store.

Separately, the producer highlighted cosmetic items that do not in any way affect the effectiveness of the heroes.

There will be an auction in the game – a separate trading platform will be allocated for it, for which players will pay with the premium currency Lucent.

Amitoy and character transformation. Special Amitoy dolls collect loot dropped from mobs and also treat your hero. Transformation helps characters travel around the game world. Both dolls and transforms are collectible items and will also not affect character stats. The differences between basic and premium will only be in appearance.

What was said about MMORPG Throne and Liberty at the LAUNCHING SHOWCASE event - release date in South Korea and changes in the game

The producer went on to say that it was South Korean testers who first spoke out about canceling the autobattle. The removal of this function made it possible to speed up character leveling by reducing the experience required per level. The approximate time for leveling up to cap for those who play a couple of hours a day is 1 month.

About group content

The mechanics of raids are divided into two types – PvPvE battles in the open world against world bosses and archbosses, and pure PvE – battles with guild bosses. The PvE reward will be tied to the character who received it. This was done in order to avoid the dominance of large clans in the game economy.

About the development of the game

The developers plan to release an average of three major updates per year. The first one should be released in 3-4 months, and it will add a new region – Talandre. The second region will introduce Dracoryft. At the same time, some locations will become cross-server and PvP activity will open for control over these territories. Players from 12 servers can participate in battles.

What was said about MMORPG Throne and Liberty at the LAUNCHING SHOWCASE event - release date in South Korea and changes in the game

New bosses, areas to conquer, and non-combat activities will also be added.

It turned out that NCSOFT initially planned to release the game on mobile devices, but later abandoned this idea. Nevertheless, the game interface is very similar to that of mobile MMORPGs, which is why the developers optimize it for PCs and consoles.

The next checkpoint before release is the G-Star 2023 exhibition.

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