If you have not heard of such a game as “Criminal Russia”, we advise you to read our latest review, in which we will talk in detail about this project.

So, “Criminal Russia” on the Internet is perhaps the most popular mod for the legendary GTA. This entertainment was created in a Russian themed atmosphere, so that every Russian-speaking player could feel himself in a truly native and dear atmosphere.

The gameplay takes place around the 90s, when criminals of various stripes were in full swing on the streets of our cities. There is no order, the authorities don’t care about anything, and therefore almost every resident was left to his own devices. What did this entail? That’s right, permissiveness and impunity.


As in any other part of GTA, “Criminal Russia” invites players to become whoever they want. To begin with, you will have to complete several story tasks, and then the project will give you complete freedom to do whatever your heart desires. The game world is huge, there are no boundaries in it, no one will lead you by the hand and show you what and how to do. What did you want, this is Russia in the 90s, after all.

If we talk about gameplay, this mod incorporates all the main features of the canonical game. That is, this:

  • Travel and exploration of a huge city (not even one, but many);
  • Completing tasks and receiving a monetary reward for this;
  • Skirmishes with other players and expanding your sphere of influence;
  • War with factions and factions;
  • Collectibles and much more.

There are cars rolling around the city streets that can be stolen. Stores selling all sorts of things can be robbed. You can beat up all the people you meet on a walk, and so on.

In short, fun.


Review of the game “Criminal Russia”: what kind of fruit is this and what is it eaten with?

We have already talked about the atmosphere in “Criminal Russia” – it is completely imbued with domestic flavor. And this is not only a picture, but practically in front of us is a game that literally “behaves” with maximum compliance with the realities of that time.

Want to win? Please take a risk. What is the risk? Getting caught by law enforcement, of course. Here you will have to either pay a fine or serve time in prison. You can also be punished by other players who play the role of law enforcement officers or, perhaps, simply do not like it when someone makes noise.

If you don’t wreak havoc, you can just work. For example, a taxi driver. To do this, you will have to find a suitable car and accept your first order. The profit, of course, will be minimal, but remember how hard it is to get money in the real world.

As in the original “Avtovor”, in “Criminal Russia” we can acquire our own property. We are talking about a full-fledged house or apartment in some “Stalin” building. The home can be improved and decorated, but this will require money. Returning to your lair, you can restore your health, change your character’s appearance, and receive some task. At home you will also keep your cars, which you, of course, obtained in the most “legal” ways.


Review of the game “Criminal Russia”: what kind of fruit is this and what is it eaten with?

What can we say, the world and locations of the game are its main feature, which is why so many gamers from Russia and the CIS countries love this project so much. The mod developers, with special love and correspondence to real objects of the end of the last century, transferred them to the digital universe, which is as attractive as it is dangerous.

The main events of “Criminal Russia” take place in big cities, but from time to time you will have to leave the noisy cities and travel beyond their borders. In the suburbs there are cozy, very small villages and urban-type settlements, famous for their authenticity. They are surrounded by a dense forest, in which you can, for example, find a hut on chicken legs.

Vintage cars drive around the city, telephone booths, soda machines and numerous shops are conveniently located on the side of the road. Here we have baths, and stalls selling all sorts of things, and weapons points. True, you can’t go into every building, but even the visual discovery of these buildings gives pleasure and warms the tender heart of an old man who grew up (and perhaps still lives) in such an environment.


Review of the game “Criminal Russia”: what kind of fruit is this and what is it eaten with?

Having earned a certain amount of rubles, you can spend them on weapons or other goods. Among other things, you can find various upgrades for cars and clothes for our hero. Having stolen some conventional Moskvich, you can turn it into an old sports car by attaching a spoiler and powerful bumpers to it. You can turn your hero into a fashionista by buying a stylish suit and getting a cool hairstyle.

In short, in terms of variety of cosmetic content, “Criminal Russia” has a lot to offer. You just have to take into account that the graphics in the game are by no means next-gen, so you need to be prepared for the fact that most of the time you will be struck by not at all detailed polygons of buildings, pedestrians and cars.


Review of the game “Criminal Russia”: what kind of fruit is this and what is it eaten with?

To summarize, we can say that “Criminal Russia” is one of those games that our gamers value and love. More precisely, this is not exactly a game, but a separate mod, although, given the colossal work of the authors and the diligence with which they transferred real objects and settings “to digital,” we can say that this is a full-fledged remake that can delight connoisseurs of the genre and atmosphere.

Is this project worth playing? Well, if you have a lot of free time and you love the GTA universe, then why not. The 5th part has not particularly surprised us for a long time, and “Criminal Russia” stands out from its competitors by matching our ideas about how people lived in the distant 90s.


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