The past year has been a tough one for the gaming industry. Despite the cancellation of many events, the studio Digital Extremes remained in the top and continued to work, following the quarantine restrictions. Shooter Warframe will delight its fans with new updates. Let’s see what’s in store for 2021?

New space battles in the mode railjack

First addition – quinpinshigh-tech corporate assassins that are the counterpart to the Corpus system that debuted in 2019. Gamers will receive new ephemera that create impressive visual auras around the player.

New Corpus missions are coming to the system Railjackwhich means that players will be able to engage in combat in space. Lychee and Quinpins appear in missions Railjack, acting as the final boss. This feature was originally advertised on tennocon 2018, but was cut for an update release Empyrean.

In 2021, finally, users will be able to fight the Corps in missions Railjack. These missions appear to be more varied in terms of objectives and terrain. They provide a more interesting combination than just wiping out and killing bosses. The long-awaited “Command” built-in feature will be unlocked. Just as advertised back then, this built-in feature will make the single player game much more viable. This will allow players to recruit teammates through Ticker in Fortune. Converted Lychee Kuvacan be part of a single player team.

The main update is dedicated to the Corpus faction and space battles. Digital Extremes diversified the atmosphere with various objects from the faction. Buildings and ships look more realistic. The main goal is to penetrate enemy bases and complete tasks.

Playing as a team will help you successfully level up unique trees related to piloting, artillery, engineering. You can hire a team from Fortuna or customize and train your team using your own wealth. Players can equip a team from their arsenal.

For example, a resident of Fortune who needs to be redeemed from debt slavery can become a member of the team. Everyone has it NPCs, its history and belonging are registered. Pay attention to the parameters and characteristics of his personality. The developers have provided a system for improving team members. Thanks to customizationyou can issue weapons, improve the characteristics of armor and change the appearance.

Lychee Kuva – Elite Corps Squad

Team Digital Extremes plans to improve the mechanics Liches Kuva. Adjustments will be made to the regional selection of the group. Together with Lichami Corps, which will become the elite team of the Parvos Granumathere will be a completely new type of weapon – folding suitcases that turn into deadly weapons.

The new territory for the space combat mode will be the orbit of Neptune. AT stream it was not shown, but in an article for blog PlayStation several screenshots. Since the update is dedicated to the Corps, it is the fleets of this faction that will become opponents in the new location Railjack.

What innovations should appear in Warframe in 2021

night wave

Third season Warframe, nightwaveend on January 24th. Full support for Season 4 is planned with major updates. Players will be able to complete daily and weekly challenges to earn unique rewards and learn more about the universe Warframe. Among the distinctive and changes, it is worth highlighting the system for replacing items. Get 50 credits by giving away unique items from previous seasons.

The studio does not slow down in its work, resisting all the difficulties. The current release date for the new season remains a mystery.

New war

The main storyline opens up a new era of chaos and conflict. Players unite to repel an all-out invasion of alien forces. To balance the odds, the squads will work together and pilot the ship through the turbulent space. The trailer begins with two people talking on the radio. One of the participants in the conversation explains that “unusual engine signatures” are being detected, possibly related to alien or other vehicles. The other person then tells him that his team must hold their ground.

A whole fleet of small ships flies quickly through space, occasionally colliding with inactive ships. One of the ships crashes on the planet, delivering a disturbing and explosive blow to some of the armed soldiers. Then an unusually designed ship opens up.

The trailer ends with one soldier falling to the ground, followed by an image of the Sentient staring off into the distance. In this lineage, the sentients are supposed to seek to conquer other races and species. The storyline “New War” will open to new locations and things.

Paradox Duviri

This improvement debuted at the show tennocon back in 2019. It was presented as one big open-world update, but even bigger than previous expansions. When examining a trailer, it is worth paying attention to a mature operator. There is a possibility that he was poisoned outside the solar system, and the main faction will be Orokin.

Among some unusual objects, horses can be found. This update was promised back in 2020, but since then, there is no exact information.

Frames and improving the quality of the game

In addition to major improvements gameplaydevelopers listen to the opinion gamers. Whereby, Warframe does not stand still and is constantly changing. The studio has come a long way to develop the visual component of the game. Constant updates bring with them new build items, events or mission types, and even drastic changes to core systems like armor scaling or damage.

2020 has been a big year for Warframewhen a new open world zone called Deimos was introduced. This zone is home to infected creatures. New warframes and system updates nightwave also happened in 2020. Looks like 2021 will be an amazing year for Warframe. Wraith is the first framewhich is scheduled for release next month.

What innovations should appear in Warframe in 2021


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