Yesterday afternoon, the European version of Tower of Fantasy received a small update 3.2, which brought with it some new content, various interesting changes and innovations. In this article we will analyze in detail all the features of the update.


We will start with a list of the most interesting small, but no less important changes and innovations:

  • The maximum possible character level has been increased to 100. As a special reward for achieving it, you will be given 200 dark crystals, some basic currency and a few different resources to improve your character.
  • The system of weapon presets (templates) has been slightly improved by adding new options, for example, now you can attach your own simulacrum to each template.
  • Armor and boots can now be augmented. To do this, in addition to the standard “Augmentation Factor” reagent, you will need a new one called “High-Speed ​​Transfer Module”. The easiest way to get it is to buy the item “Box with Augmentation Modules II” in the crystal dust store.
  • A third pen for animals was added to the personal island and the list of animals that can be caught was expanded by adding marine life.

We added a new companion named Snowball. This is a chibi cat girl, most likely a snow leopard. Performs a DPS role, deals damage with the elements of ice and can use the new AOE module “Shackles of Ice”. To open it, you just need to collect 25 “Snowball” fragments; they drop out in a new location.

As a reward for completing the operation every day, in addition to fragments of matrices, you will now receive a strengthening drive of Asperia or Region 9. This is a special currency necessary for pumping the awakening of simulacra above 4000 up to 7000, for this you will have to collect a total of 120 drives. Alas, at the time of writing, you can upgrade only 4 simulacra.

  • Pepper (asperia).
  • Ming Jing (Region 9).
  • Fei Xie (Region 9).
  • Juan (Region 9).
  • Linghan (Region 9).

New region

The key feature of the update is the addition of a new very small region of Territory 9 called Swamp City, and to be completely precise, so far only the first part has been added, when the second one will appear with update 3.4 (it seems like it will be released in November).

The first part, like all other regions, is presented in the form of a huge floating block on which the Nine-Earth location is located, consisting of two biomes – approximately 70% of the area is covered with snow, and the remaining 30% is typical green. Only four things can be classified as unique features:

  • The lowest and highest points of the location are connected by a funicular running back and forth.
  • In a certain place of the snow biome there is an icy lake, on which the character slides if he stops after a short run.

  • In certain areas of the location, the player can create a snowman and leave a message that will be displayed above his head, as it says, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”. However, to do this, you first need to collect the snow scattered around the location. The snowman disappears after a certain period of time.
  • In a certain place in the world you can find a cave with 3 statues. By activating any one, you will receive a 90-minute buff that increases the maximum HP reserve; by activating the left one, you will receive an additional 10-minute damage buff, the central one will receive a 60-minute buff on HP recovery, and the right one will receive a 10-minute defense buff.

Other features of Ninelands:

  • 5 elites (6 if you count the world boss).
  • 3 new statues, this time alabaster.
  • The new field energy is alabaster.
  • New world activities (more on this below).
  • A new world boss named Darkness: Xingtian is a humanoid demon.
    • Vulnerable to the fire element.
    • To open a chest with a reward, you need world level 100.
    • The chest drops a standard set of items, including new field energy, shards of a new character decoration, and a new pet.
  • The rewards for closing are as follows:
    • Source charge – permanently increases maximum health by 1200 units.
    • SSR relic “Fast Walkers”.
    • 3 red twists.
    • 10 boxes with augmentation modules II.
    • Charge of power – permanently increases all types of attacks by 24 units.
    • 3 red vouchers.
    • Title “Sword of the Swamps”.

Due to its rather small size, the location closes 100% quite quickly, of course, with the exception of upgrading statues.

What did update 3.3 bring for Tower of Fantasy?

New activities

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the update brought with it only 3 new world activities; below we will look at them in more detail.

Chest of Frosty Darkness

A new type of chest that is surrounded by a unique aura, this time it is frosty. Without a special upgrade from a certain statue, when trying to open a chest, the character will be temporarily frozen. Of course, the chest can be opened without improvement, using sleight of hand.

What did update 3.3 bring for Tower of Fantasy?

Flowers under the snow

While exploring the first location of a new region, you may periodically stumble upon white, motionless storks. When you hit such a stork, it turns into a large white flower, and a small ball appears near the character, acting as a regular sonar. With its help, within the area that appears, you need to find 2 small white flowers, after which a huge flower will spit out a reward in the form of 50 field energy.

Energy Collector

In theory, this activity should be activated only after the discovery of a special improvement from a certain statue, but I had them immediately. The collector is a small pillar encased in ice with a sphere located in the center; hitting it will give you 50 field energy.

The essence of the activity is very simple – we hit the pillar until the sphere disappears and we get 1000 field energy. There are a total of 3 similar pillars in the location and, accordingly, by beating them all, you can get 3000 energy. The pillars, like regular energy, are updated weekly.

New statues

As I mentioned above, the new region uses alabaster field energy, and of course, it is required to increase the level of statues. At the time of writing, the available energy is definitely enough to upgrade one statue to the maximum level. As a reward for pumping all statues to the maximum level, you will receive the following:

  • 300 dark crystals.
  • 6 red twists.
  • 36 gold twists.
  • 30 twists for gacha pets.
  • 30 fragments of the SSR relic “Fast Walkers”.
  • 3 pieces of decoration for the character called “Snowball Flower”. To create a decoration you need 7 fragments.
  • 600 reagents for improving pets.
What did update 3.3 bring for Tower of Fantasy?


  • Level 1 – additional damage.
  • Level 2 – increases the maximum HP reserve, the effect is cumulative with other similar options.
  • Level 3 – additional damage.
  • Level 4 – automatically activates all world activities called “Stormy Spring”.
  • Level 5 – increases the maximum HP reserve, the effect is cumulative with other similar options.
  • Level 6 – additional damage.
What did update 3.3 bring for Tower of Fantasy?


  • Level 1 – increases damage to enemies.
  • Level 2 – opens up the ability to be resurrected at astral monuments.
  • Level 3 – increases damage to enemies.
  • Level 4 – allows you to open astral chests (those covered with a dome).
  • Level 5 – increases damage to enemies.
  • Level 6 – opens a new world activity “Energy Collector”.
What did update 3.3 bring for Tower of Fantasy?


  • Level 1 – additional damage for weapon abilities.
  • Level 2 – increases the maximum HP reserve, the effect is cumulative with other similar options.
  • Level 3 – additional damage for weapon abilities.
  • Level 4 – allows you to safely open new chests of frosty darkness.
  • Level 5 – with a certain probability, when you destroy enemies in the “Swamp City” location, you will receive a double reward.
  • Level 6 – additional damage for weapon abilities.
What did update 3.3 bring for Tower of Fantasy?


The following has been added to the standard banner for gold spins/vouchers:

  • Weapon “Vesper”, female character Lyra and her matrix – physical damage, support.
  • Weapon “Thunderbreaker”, male character Tian Lang and his matrix – electric damage, DD.

Also, now the above weapons can be purchased at the trading post for black gold.

We added the banner “All swords as one” with new weapons “Alabaster Tiger” (deals ice damage, belongs to the DD type) and a female character named Linghan. According to various foreign experts, this is a good weapon for an ice team.

Three old banners have been returned:

  • Weapon “Unity”, female character Yulan and her matrices – ice damage, DD.
  • Weapon “Unshakable Wing”, female character Alyss and her matrices – ice damage, DD.
  • Weapon “Jewel”, male character Icarus and her matrices – ice damage, DD.


We added 2 standard collections of tasks, they are associated with a new location, a companion and all sorts of usual activities. As a reward, you are given various resources for character development and dark crystals.

A new event “Shining Stars” has been added. Its essence comes down to collecting stickers, for which they give out all sorts of rewards, for example, in total you can get 6 red twists and 650 dark crystals. The mechanics of the event are as follows:

  • Each week there is a regular and premium board available, the latter for real money.
  • On the boards there is a 4 by 4 field consisting of 16 circles, with a sticker or all kinds of reward hidden behind them.
  • To open a circle, you need to spend a luck card; they are definitely given out for the special “Planet Exploration” event, tied to the exploration of a new region and other main content.

They added an event that I didn’t have time to check. However, based on the available information, its essence comes down to the destruction of a separate world boss, he appears at a certain time in one of the regions. His chest can only be opened with a special key, the first one is given to you for free, and then you will have to craft them in the Tianhe market, combining golden boss keys from all regions and terron currency. Fortunately, the key can be crafted once a week.

A new event “Wandering Pumpkin” has been added. Its essence is extremely simple: from 12 to 22, every two hours in a certain place (you can teleport there by clicking on the event banner) in the city of Mirroria, 5 pumpkins appear, from which various items and event currency fall out. For the latter, a standard set of items, for example, red twists, can be purchased in the event store. Please note that you can only collect 10 pumpkins daily.


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