Scary times are coming, especially for Marvel Contest of Champions players, as the developers release a Halloween update. It will add 2 dark characters: Night Werewolf and Morbius.

Morbius has an interesting ultimate – his opponent from a first-person view watches as he grabs him “Morb“and bites you in the neck; After that, he takes off and launches a flock of bats at the enemy. Be sure to watch the trailer – players praise the developers for returning to beautiful animation.

Werewolf by Night will appear in the Marvel Contest of Champions on October 12th, and Morbius on the 26th. In addition, players will be able to knock out or buy scary skins for other heroes.

Morbius will be especially strong against characters who have a weakness to bleeding; but for those who are immune to this debuff, the vampire will not be a hindrance.

Some players advise the developers of Marvel Contest of Champions to add this feature to Morbius – the more blood he drinks, the stronger he will be in the next battle.


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