I owe you too many reviews. And now the time has come to pay off debts. Every week I’ll play a game all weekend and if it’s worth it I’ll tell you about it.

And the first “weekend game” I would like to tell you about is SquadBlast. Before us is an excellent side-scrolling shooter in the spirit of the legendary Soldat 2d.

What kind of animal is this?!

The game has been released on all platforms including smartphones.

The game has different modes, including deathmatch and trolley. Gamers are divided into teams and collect items to receive temporary buffs, ammo, or restore health. And the matches themselves don’t take more than five minutes.

I would say with fun, and end the review here, but the game has very dynamic gameplay, since, as I said above, each match lasts no more than five minutes. And so far we have only seven heroes of different classes to choose from.

Also, the developers have created a huge set of weapons for you and me. From assault rifles to rocket launchers and experimental superweapons.

And in the game itself you can always find live players to play a couple of matches.

Below I will attach a video clip of my gameplay.

There is Prada in this whole barrel of excellent gaming honey, a small fly in the ointment. Thus, players on iOS complain about high power consumption on their smartphones during games and a complete lack of balance during cross-platform matches. But I think the developers will fix all this in the coming patches.

Let’s start with the main thing. This game is available in Russia without VPN and other dances with a tambourine. Which automatically gives you the opportunity to play it with your friends on the weekend without any problems.

And in general, as network entertainment, it’s not suitable for the most powerful PC or smartphone. Of course, this game is unlikely to become a major player in the market. But it’s quite capable of giving you more fun!

In the meantime, you decide whether the game is still worth your attention or not, just below, as usual, you can watch a short trailer for it.


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