Indie studio Black Tabby Games has released a controversial horror adventure – Slay the Princess, in which our goal is not to save, but to kill the princess. Yes, yes, Mario already choked. The game was released in Steam And GOG and has already collected more than a thousand positive reviews – and this, for a second, is 97%. You can buy a new product for 585 rubles during the release promotion (until November 2).

The gameplay and plot are very simple. You go into the basement and see the princess. It is not clear why, but her death will save the world from the end of the world. Our goal is to kill her at any cost and in any way, and her goal is to escape. To do this, she will lie, beg, charm, promise, and even possibly try to kill you first. The main thing is to remember that the fate of the whole world depends only on you.

Not only players, but also critics greeted the indie novelty very warmly:

“There’s nothing I don’t like about Slay the Princess. The presentation is beautiful, the story is fantastic and touching, the voice acting for the amazing characters is done phenomenally well, and the branching storylines give a feeling of unlimited possibilities.” — Try Hard Guides.



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