The fan-made comic arcade game Bloodborne Kart has finally received a release date on PC – January 31, 2024. The game was announced by Lilith Walter and her studio FanSoftware back in March 2022, on the seventh anniversary of the original Bloodborne. By the way, these same developers are behind the creation Bloodborne demakewhich was released on exactly the same day, only a year earlier – January 31, 2022. The games are available completely free of charge and are clearly worth your attention.

Judging by the game trailer, the main characters of Bloodborne Kart are the same characters from the original, who this time do not explore the gloomy world of Yharnam, but compete with each other in comical racing cars. Similar to Mario Kart, there is also a mechanic for using various items.

According to the developers, the game will have 12 heroes and 16 maps with a full storyline and campaign. Bloodborne Kart will also feature bosses, battles between players, and cooperative play via split-screen. Most likely it will be possible to play only on PC through the indie site


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