Warzone Mobile will not release at the same time as Modern Warfare III; More about this in the last news from the presentation of Call of Duty: Next. But what Activision was pleased with was the release of a new map for the “battle royale” mode; it is called Renaissance Island.

Let me remind you that this map first appeared in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. According to the plot, experiments with biological weapons were carried out on this island in the 20th century. Experiments were carried out on animals.

What is interesting about the Renaissance Island map is the presence of buildings with many small rooms. This is great news for campers and those who want to hide from enemies.

The only thing I have questions about is the number of players. Unlike Verdansk, Renaissance Island only recruits 36 people. And while Activision proudly declares that there will be no bots on the map, most of the enemies run under your gun and do not offer any resistance.

This number of players is partly understandable – the map is quite small, so matches on it last no more than 10 minutes if you decide to stay until the last and win.


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