Torturer Warlock in Neverwinter Online. Class guide.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at one of the most interesting classes in the MMO RPG Neverwinter Online, the Tormentor Warlock. But be warned, this is one of the most difficult classes to master and is not recommended for beginners. If you still decide to try this character in action, then this guide is for you.

What is the main difficulty of playing this class? Like the Wizard Overlord (like most casters in all MMO RPGs), the Tormentor Warlock (or CC as it’s called for short) has little to no armor. His cloth clothes can only protect from the wind, which means that damage must be avoided. In addition, in this class, the main damage is inflicted on a single target, that is, you cannot cut through a crowd of opponents with powerful AoE. Therefore, you must definitely learn how to use control skills, otherwise it will be really difficult to play. However, it all depends on what kind of build you use for the game. But first things first.

Main features of the Torturer Warlock class

features, class skills warlock tormenter neverwinter onlineLike other classes in Neverwinter Online, the Tormentor Warlock has both primary and secondary class features.

The fact that this class is not armored and deals damage mainly on a single target has already been said. Another feature of the class is the use of curses. One of the main difficulties for beginners is to learn how to activate and apply them correctly. The class skills of the Warlock are very interesting and original. The first skill – Fade – increases movement speed and damage resistance, and it also ignores and resets all control skills. Indispensable in PvP.

Next comes the Lesser Curse. It deals damage over time (as it is also called, delayed damage) and is activated by certain abilities. Mechanically, it is no different from other curses. The third ability is a soul doll. This is a companion of the Cheka, which is called by certain abilities, helps in combat and lasts for a certain time (120 seconds, or until it takes 5 hits). The last, fourth ability is the Warlock’s Curse. Increases target damage by 20%, and can be cast on three different enemies, but then the bonus damage will be split between them.

The main stat of the Tormentor Warlock is Charisma, and the secondary stats are Stamina and Intelligence. There are various options for pumping, but it is advisable to pump Charisma to the maximum, and develop Endurance and Intelligence depending on the build. For PvP, higher stamina will be more useful, and in PvE, Intel will most likely come in handy more.

hell harbinger or soul eater, soul catcher in neverwinter onlineHerald of Hell or Catcher of Souls – two main ways of pumping

For our Cheka, there are two main ways of pumping – this is the Herald of Hell and the Catcher of Souls. We will consider, first of all, the Herald of Hell, due to its greater efficiency. There are three main paths of the ideal.

The first is Rage. The most used branch in both PvP and PvE. Sharpened for inflicting the maximum amount of damage per unit of time.

The second path is called Curse. There are more different controls here, but, by the way, although this branch is considered the most suitable for PvP, it is inferior to Fury in many ways.

The last, third way is Temptation. Strengthening allies and pumping life from enemies. Works as a kind of support class and in some situations can replace healing classes, although in order to compete with any “classic” healer, you will need to thoroughly study all the abilities of the class and use them as efficiently as possible.

PvP warlock build

build warlock-torturer neverwinter onlinePvE build for tormentor warlock is different from PvP build

If for a PvE warlock the build is more or less clear – we take everything that enhances damage and follow the tank into the dungeon – then for PvP the alignment is not so clear. First, we should take those heroic skills that increase our survivability and chance to avoid damage – in combat with other players, this will prove useful. Secondly, we will need skills to increase the chance and damage of a critical strike, as well as speed up the recovery of combat skills. In the Rage branch, we will definitely have to pump out to the limit everything that enhances our curses, as well as those skills that increase damage on a single target. These are, in particular, Creeping Death (a must-take!), Gift of the Executioner, Killing Curse and Cruel Curse, as well as Deadly Flame. From free skills, Hand of Corruption and Infernal Rebuke will be useful for you, and from combat skills – Firebolt (for dealing damage), Warlock’s Deal (part of the damage that is dealt to you is “given” to the enemy) and Killing Flame (it is best to finish off opponents with them) . For control, use Storm of Torment (knocking down if the target is cursed) and Shadow of the Ghost (double use paralyzes the enemy). Against controls, use Fade.

Warlock video guide in Neverwinter online


Who to play as in neverwinter omlineWarlock is a class for those players who are not afraid of the difficulties in mastering it

Warlock is not the easiest class.

It requires the player to have a very good understanding of the mechanics of the game, but at the same time it is very interesting.

Original gameplay, multiple roles on the battlefield and incredible PvP fun.

And his support line is a very interesting alternative to a regular healer.

In general, if you are not afraid of difficult classes to master and you like really unusual game mechanics, then the Tormentor Warlock suits you best.


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