Just recently we told you that the Fatshark studio has finally taken on Warhammer 40,000: Darktide and fixed many major errors that almost buried the game. Currently reviews in Steam have changed a lot – for the entire time only 61% were positive, and over the last month it was already 82%. But the studio decided not to stop there and continue to delight fans by announcing the release of a double expansion The Traitor Curse.

The Traitor Curse is a large-scale update that is divided into two parts. The first will be released very soon, during November, and the second should be expected closer to the winter holidays, by the end of December. The first part of “Curse of the Traitor” included:

  • A new cinematic storyline that adds “Carnival” – a dubious zone that will bring a lot of fun and madness to the game;
  • A new location of the Trade Center, located at Carnival, and a mission in which we will strike at the very heart of the Mobian 6th Regiment;
  • New Inspect feature, which allows you to check the equipment of players in Mourningstar;
  • Changed talent tree for veterans with many innovations, settings and the addition of key stones.

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