As part of the Eternal Saga autumn season, the game will launch the Patient Zero event with a new PvP mode and rewards in the style of Scandinavian mysticism.

Players will be treated to an event with the new PvP mode “Infection”, in which the team will have to find and neutralize a traitor among their allies. All players are initially on the team of survivors, but one of them turns out to be Patient Zero and turns into a zombie. The task is to survive at any cost and not join the infected team. Players in the match will also be able to earn personal points that affect the rewards they receive, including weapons from the Helheim and Ragnarok series, as well as an ominous mask and gloves.

In addition, the “Sinister Hunt” gift distribution campaign dedicated to Halloween has become available to users. Players will receive a pack that includes appearances and weapons for one of four classes: attack aircraft, medic, engineer or sniper. The choice will depend on personal preferences for your favorite class.

The esports tournament Warface PRO.Fall 2023 with a prize fund of 6,700,000 rubles is also ongoing. The autumn season of the Warface PRO championship 2023 consists of 5 stages: Challengers, Masters, Champions, Legends and Valkyries (women’s professional league with a prize fund of 500,000 rubles). The LAN finals of the tournament will be held in Moscow on November 18 and 19.


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