Shooting from a tank is not as easy as it seems

From this guide you will learn how to use the sniper scope correctly, how to correctly determine the distance to enemy vehicles, and how to take lead.

To begin with, a little theory, otherwise, maybe not everyone understands why you need to know the distance, take some kind of lead and think that it’s enough just to point the crosshairs at the enemy’s tank, no matter how far it is, shoot and destroy.

In fact, not everything is so simple. You probably know what gravity is. This is the force of gravity of the Earth, which attracts all material objects to itself, and the projectile, of course, is no exception. This means that the projectile will gradually decrease during the flight and may simply not reach the enemy, falling to the ground. That’s what distance should be determined for.

War Thunder determining the firing rangeDetermining the firing range

For this, the formula in the picture will help us. What is she like? We divide this width of the tank by a thousandth. In this case, the width of the tank is rounded up to 4 meters. Thus, we divide 4 by 8 thousandths and multiply by 1000. We get 500 – this means that the distance to the tank is 500 meters.

We can find out how much the figure of the tank approximately takes on the scale of lateral corrections.

By lead is meant the height of the canopy with which to shoot. You can learn more clearly from the video on this page.

Well, now consider another case, when the enemy tank is on board. How can we determine the width of the tank in thousandths? Yes, it’s very simple! We determine its length. In our case, this is 16 thousandths, we divide by 2, since the length of the tank is approximately two of its width. It turns out 8 thousandths – we substitute this figure in our formula.



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