It seems that Gaijin Entertainment has picked up a good pace in releasing updates for War Thunder and is definitely not going to stop. On October 31, the game was replenished with new equipment from the update “Gods of war” Meet the American MH-60L helicopter codenamed “Black Hawk”, the unique Soviet tank “Object 775”, the American F-111A Aardvark fighter with a record number of weapons for the game, as well as the latest ground equipment from China and NATO. And that is not all!

In addition to the already mentioned updates from the world of technology, many mechanics have appeared in the game. For example, a new armor-piercing type of weapon for aircraft, which detonates only after passing through the required layer of armor – just right for attacking enemy ships. Or damage, which is now taken into account for tank armor-piercing sabot shells.

Another innovation is the tank location Flanders, which will change depending on the vehicle. Do you play tanks from World War II? Get ready to destroy authentic village houses and drive around a collapsed airship. Have you chosen modern weapons? Welcome to a resort town with a modern tourist center and a destroyed passenger plane.

We have mentioned only some of the innovations from the Gods of War update. You can find out about the rest at official website developer.


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