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Popularization of niche and hardcore genres is a good thing. It is unlikely that IL 2 Sturmovik fans would have believed 8 years ago that thousands of people from all over the planet would participate in air battles. Many companies have attempted to implement this idea. But only the Gaijin company and its War Thunder game turned out to be really big. This game opens up incredible possibilities.

What, how, why – these and many other questions are answered in this guide. So let’s get started!

First of all, you need to understand that War Thunder is a project for everyone, and while veterans of flight simulators without looking into historical and realistic battles, beginners learn how to take off and land properly in arcade mode. It is about this mode that we will first talk about. But do not be deceived by the word arcade – even if it is full of conveniences, it relies entirely on real flight models and technical characteristics of aviation: rate of climb, turn time, maximum speed – all these are not just numbers, but important parameters that have a direct impact on the behavior of the aircraft.

The first mistake of beginners, which is easily noticed by the trained eye of veterans of air sims, is the desire to quickly enter into a chaotic battle. Players lose height, creep along the ground and spin with exactly the same enemies on small heels. Needless to say, beginners do this on absolutely any aircraft. Under no circumstances should you do so. An important guarantee of victory is a headroom and a tactical advantage.

How to play bomber


So, we figured out the main thing – with the beginning of the round, you need to immediately gain altitude, assess the situation and notice the enemies that have strayed from the flock.

How to proceed? It all depends on the aircraft you choose. Even if your bomber has fantastically powerful weapons, you should leave dogfights to fighters.

Your goal is exclusively ground. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this. Very often you can see how some hefty Henkel is spinning in the thick of the battle and trying to expose enemies to the fire of airborne weapons. And this, in turn, causes a fair negative on the part of teammates.

How to play Stormtrooper

attack aircraftStormtrooper

Stormtroopers are already easier, although there are forbidden tricks for them. Possessing powerful weapons, aircraft of this class are completely unsuitable for maneuvering battles.

If you want to unleash your combat potential, then try to work with single aircraft using boom-zoom tactics. In other words, he dived, shot and, at a still high speed, retired to a safe distance and height.

Someone may notice that in this case you will not get all the fun. But is it really fun to lose all your planes in the very first minutes of the battle?

How to play fighter


Let’s move on to the fighters. But don’t be in a hurry to rub your hands happily – planes of even this class are not always suitable for exhausting combat. This is where the numbers we mentioned earlier come into play. We still have time to remember them.

Having gained altitude, the fighter is a terrible force. You are free to dispose of the aircraft as you see fit in a particular situation. Perhaps the best choice would be to hunt for bombers – if you are lucky with weapons. Very often, the outcome of the battle is decided by the destroyed ground forces, and not by the downed aircraft. But if you get a great team, then you can bring the number of enemy aircraft in the air to zero.

Again, you should not mindlessly fly into the mess. Watching from above how the battle unfolds, you can become the saving force for the team that decides the outcome of the battle.

Don’t forget the boom-zoom. Moreover, it is much easier for fighters to perform this maneuver. Within a couple of minutes, you can repeat it several times and deal with several enemies. Maneuverable combat is also the element of fighters, but in it it is important to get out of the pile in time and drop the tail. If you continue to spin near the earth itself, then sooner or later you will meet with it.


Finally, back to the characteristics of the aircraft. Remember climbing speed? Try to evaluate it in comparison with the aircraft that you most often encounter in battles. Fortunately, you can consider and fly on any of them without buying. There will definitely be those who will lose to you in dry numbers – with such opponents it will be possible to use the effectiveness of vertical maneuvers. It’s enough to dive famously, fire a burst at the enemy’s fuselage and go vertical, and then watch how the damaged opponent puffs up in an effort to gain altitude behind you .. Sometimes one accurate burst is enough.

The same applies to turn time, even more so. It is this parameter that determines how much space your aircraft will need to make a 180-degree turn – the most important characteristic for maneuverable combat. After all, if your opponent turns around faster, then you will very soon lose your advantage, and turn from a hunter into a victim.


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