Wang Yue is a cross-platform game from China. It will be available on PC, iOS and Android. Now you can pre-register through Chinese website.

Wang Yue has anime style and 3D graphics with a focus on photorealism. The setting of the game is reminiscent of Wuthering Waves, it can also be classified as a “Genshin Impact killer”.

The developers of Wang Yue placed an emphasis on manual control, as well as switching between characters. Players will participate in boss raids, although regular resource farming on weak monsters is expected.

Interestingly, in Wang Yue nature is combined with urbanism, so when fighting monsters in the distance you can see “high-rise buildings” and residential buildings.

The release date for Wang Yue is still unknown. The game will probably be released in China first.

The open world through our eyes

The developers of Wang Yue also explained what “open world” means in their understanding. For them, this means the opportunity to be themselves – it is not necessary to craft a quest item or complete the quests themselves. Each player can choose their own way of exploring the world.

As an example, the ability to take off in a futuristic vehicle and fire at the enemy from the air.

And with the help of an assistant, you can climb into an area that is closed to ordinary characters.


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