Vita3K is a PlayStation Vita emulator for PC and Android, which has been updated to version 8. The developers have published a patch note in GitHubwhere they talked about the changes and provided links to download the APK file and ZIP archive.

The first of the innovations is adding a motion sensor. If you have a controller connected, the Vita3K emulator will read movements from it; otherwise, the Android device’s gyroscope will be used.

Vita3K also added an option to select rendering accuracy. A cooler feature is the ability add game icons for PS Vita on the main screen of a smartphone or tablet in order to quickly enter them without going to the emulator menu.

If Vita3K previously gave you average or poor optimization results, then the developers have improved this aspect. They also updated the SDL library to 2.28.3, which increased support for controllers. So you can give PS Vita emulation another chance by trying out the new generation of games on your smartphone.


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