eBrain studio, known for its unusual roguelite platformer Loopmancerpresented a gameplay trailer for the new action-RPG – Project Sigma. Very little is known about the new product: the multiplayer game is created on the Unreal Engine 5, it will have a third-person view and an extensive, detailed world. It’s too early to talk about a release date.

In the trailer, we were shown gameplay for human agents, one of which we are. Our “organization” protects the earth from the invasion of animal-like aliens with the help of modern weapons and mech suits. Players can collaborate with each other in teams, fight with customizable robots, and explore the city around them.

Judging by the gameplay shown, the game world really looks big. Sometimes you get the feeling that all this is a closed arena in which enemies are constantly spawning, but the heroes go to new locations again and again. We were also shown different gameplay for a character in a robot suit and without it: parkour, hand-to-hand combat, shootouts, and even dropping containers from drones, like Airdrop.


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