Earlier we wrote about the claims of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to epic games. Publisher charged with a $245 million fine for inciting unintentional purchases in Fortnite. In recent months, the terms of the FTC order have been discussed, and its final wording was recently approved.

The document states that epic games used “dark patterns” to confuse players with interface elements. So they could buy a skin or a dance for real money in just one click without additional warnings about the withdrawal of funds. In addition, the FTC was able to confirm that epic games banned accounts whose owners tried to return the money.

The order of the commission prohibits developers from using such schemes. The amount of the fine of $245 million also remained unchanged. epic games transfer money to the FTC. After the commission will deal with the payment of funds to the victims.

Also in the process of being finalized is another FTC claim for epics. The company will be fined $275 million for violating children’s privacy. The total amount of payments for two claims will be $520 million.

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