For the legendary MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online, you can pre-order the Corsairs of Umbar update, which launches on November 1st.

Update 37.2 has also been released, adding the Mariner class, class balance changes, buffs, adjustments to the Forester event, and much more.

Standing Stone Games has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming expansion. It showcases new terrain and wildlife, and introduces new content including 350 new quests, ancient secrets, political intrigue and additions to the overall story. Everyone goes to the shores of Umbar and to the city of corsairs. Explore the mysterious Kinsmen of the Coin and raids carried out under the cover of darkness.

The expansion also raises the level cap to 150, adds new enemies, and more. Pre-orders are now open for the Standard, Collectors and Ultimate Fan bundles. The Standard Edition includes several pre-order bonuses, including an additional character slot, title, and Swordbearer portrait frame, while the Collector’s Edition includes all of the above, plus additional bonuses including a mount, pet fennec fox, new titles and portrait frames, improved expedition supplies and much more. The Ultimate Fan Bundle is all this and more.

In the meantime, just below we look at the teaser trailer for the upcoming update.


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