The developers of MMORPG Tarisland have published a new diary, in which they talked about changes in PvE mechanics based on the results of past tests. We have translated this material into Russian for you.


The next closed beta testing will take place in Tarisland in November. Here we would like to share with you the progress of PvE development.

Over the past few months, our development team has been taking constructive feedback from previous testing and working hard to optimize various aspects of the game to make it more polished and fun.

PvE is the core gameplay of Tarisland, and the team hopes that we will bring you interesting PvE content in the future. Now we would like to update you on the development progress of the PvE mode.

Balance adjustments and a new difficulty level for PvE mode

Since our last playtest, our development team has re-evaluated the overall difficulty level and character attributes in PvE mode based on battle data and player feedback.

To improve the PvE experience, we’ve removed and adjusted some secondary character attributes so that each class specialization can perform better in PvE challenges in different environments. Accordingly, we have adjusted all PvE content, including HP damage, attack damage, and boss skills, to match the new secondary attribute settings. For example, we lowered the normal “ATK” of PvE bosses and increased the survivability of the tank class.

We’ve also adjusted the loot drop rules for all PvE dungeons and raids to ensure that players can receive the appropriate gear based on their chosen spec.

Upcoming PvE changes in MMORPG Tarisland and new content

In addition, to keep everyone interested and happy, we are introducing a new level of difficulty in dungeons and raids. We hope to make your in-game gear acquisition experience smoother and more layered.

New level of difficulty in raids

In the latest playtest, players could only choose one of two difficulty levels when calling a raid. Recognizing that newcomers and first-time raiders may find both levels challenging, we are introducing an easier difficulty level in an upcoming playtest.

At the new difficulty level, bosses will use simpler fighting strategies and skills, and their HP and damage will also be reduced. Those who are participating in the raid for the first time will be able to familiarize themselves with the combat and prepare for a more difficult difficulty level.

With progressive difficulty settings, players will be able to have a smoother gaming experience in Raids and better interact with teammates in Challenges.

New team selection system for five-player dungeons

In the final stages of recent testing, we noticed that new players were often having difficulty finding teams to participate in Elite Dungeons. There were also players who went into elite dungeons every day to hone their skills and improve their characters.

In order for every player to fully experience the fun of the Tarisland dungeons, we plan to add a random team selection system for the dungeons. This will help new players get used to the game faster and relieve those who would like to go through elite dungeons multiple times from worrying about selecting a team.

Upcoming PvE changes in MMORPG Tarisland and new content

PvE achievements and rewards

For fans of challenging dungeons and raids, defeating a strong opponent brings a sense of satisfaction, and receiving additional unique rewards is like icing on the cake. That’s why we’re launching a series of new achievements in PvE challenges to reward every player who strives to complete difficult challenges.

After completing certain achievements, players will receive unique rewards that can only be obtained in the current season. Among them are complete sets of costumes, weapons, mounts, accessories, etc.

Whether you love great outfits, want unique weapons, or dream of riding a one-of-a-kind steed on the battlefield, you’ll find your exclusive rewards here. Here’s a preview of one of the rewards – the reward animal for the raid challenge: Purplewing.

Inscribed Stone skill and class changes

In our developer content preview at the end of August, we mentioned the development of Inscribed Stone Skills to add something new to classes. These skills for all specializations will also be available in the upcoming testing. In addition, a new character growth mechanism will be launched. We will share more detailed information later.

In addition, the skills and ultimates of each class will undergo thorough adjustments and optimization. We’ve also changed some specializations that ruined the experience for some players during the last playtest. Here are the changes we made:

  • Frost Mage. We’ve changed the way ice energy is converted into damage. Ice energy accumulation is now better visualized, allowing players to deal more damage by using skills more strategically.
  • Tamed Beast Ranger. We’ve changed the way you summon and interact with tamed beasts to create more interactions. Players can now conveniently switch between different tamed beasts depending on the situation on the battlefield, adding greater strategic depth to battles.
  • Bard. We’ve simplified Bard’s exclusive music part and thus made it easier to use his skills so he can better support his teammates.
  • Frozen Barbarian Fighter. During recent testing, many players found that the Frozen Barbarian’s ability to take damage was not very desirable as a tank. In the latest version, we reworked his main damage reduction skill. Now the barbarian fighter can not only effectively defend himself, but also play a more strategic role in the team.

In addition to the above changes, we continue to work on finalizing and developing many aspects. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing new content for the upcoming version, including new raids, new playable classes, and additional gameplay features.

Thank you for your continued support of Tarisland. Your feedback and participation in playtests encourage us to continue improving the game. We hope that the optimization of this game will bring you an amazing gaming experience in the improved Tarisland.

We’ll be looking forward to the closed beta testing in November. See you in “Tarisland”!


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