Ugly is a 2D platformer game with puzzles. It was released on PC on Steam on September 14, 2023.

Plug in Digital studio released a trailer on November 2 for the mobile version of Ugly Mobile. Players are asked to pre-register and the release will take place January 23, 2024according to the App Store.

Ugly Mobile will have Russian language and a high-quality story without words, but you have to pay for it 449 rubles — price in the App Store. Players are promised epic boss fights and alternate endings with secret rooms.

Ugly Mobile players will have to go on a journey through the sick imagination of a nobleman. With the help of a mirror, he will be able to separate himself and solve riddles. The mirror is also a metaphor for the opportunity to look at yourself from the other side.

The highlight of Ugly Mobile is that every item in the location and every sound emphasize the atmosphere and immerse the player in a world from which they need to get out as quickly as possible.

I would like to note that I received Ugly on Steam very positive ratings.

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