In anticipation of the release of the new engine, Unity has returned to the previous numbering system and renamed the upcoming Unity 2023 LTS to Unity 6. Additionally, the company announced that the new version will feature even more performance, faster multiplayer game development, and new AI tools like Sentis that will allow programmers to add artificial intelligence to the game for any device.

To clearly demonstrate the capabilities of Unity 6, the company showed a demo of Fantasy Kingdom, which shows improved rendering, lighting and space-time post-processing.

Let’s remember that Unity was still in 2016 changed her approach to the release of new engines and concentrated not on major releases, but on annual gradual updates. So the last numbered version was Unity 5.6, after which Unity 2017, 2018 and so on began. Now everything will change with the release of Unity 6, which will appear in 2024.

New AI-powered tools:

  1. Unity Museplastic bagwhich optimizes content based on artificial intelligence, which we can generate ideas on the go;
  2. Unity Cloudservicewhich takes the pressure off the production pipeline and brings content together using Unity Asset Manager;
  3. WebGPU — a graphical interface that allows you to open games on any device, including through a browser;
  4. Unity Sentistechnologywhich itself integrates AI models and the Unity runtime without the cost of cloud computing;
  5. Unity PolySpatial — a system that creates new opportunities for VR games.

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