Underground Blossom was released on iOS and Android. This is a premium game with a price tag of ₽309 on Android and ₽249 on iOS. Despite this, even in the Russian App Store it took 2nd place among adventure games. Only The Secret Elevator Remastered is better, and worse are Terraria, 60 Seconds, Machinarium and even the recently released Elderand.

Among the advantages of Underground Blossom – Availability of Russian language. Players will venture into the Rusty Lake underground, traveling through the memories of Laura Vanderboom. Together with her you need to travel between stations, solving puzzles at each of them.

Total in Underground Blossom 7 unique stops. It may take 2 hours to complete the entire route, but if you are comfortable with games of this genre, you will have to spy on the passages of other YouTubers.

The soundtrack for Underground Blossom was composed by Viktor Butzelaar, so it turned out to be atmospheric. The developers recommend playing the game with headphones. And if it’s difficult to choose, then try the demo version of Underground Blossom Lite.

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