Ore mining in ArcheAge

This little guide will talk about the types of ores and stones in the Ark Age game, as well as how to dig them out.

With the Ore Mining profession, you can dig for both regular ores and gems. All these ingredients are also used by builders, jewelers, engineers, blacksmiths, masons, gunsmiths and merchants. Despite such an abundance of professions, there are not so many types of ores and stones.

To begin with, consider the varieties of ores from the simplest to the rarest. The most common ore is iron. Then go copper, silver, golden And achium. These ores can crit and give you refined ore. For example, if you’re lucky, you’ll get refined silver ore.

Purified ores, unlike ordinary ones, can only be obtained when a crit occurs during mining, and the deposit can be excavated a second time. One refined ore is equal to three ordinary ones. From these ores, in conjunction with the smelting of metals, you can make iron, copper, silver or akhium ingots, as well as rarer ones, for the crafting of which additional ingredients are used in addition to ores.

In addition to the standard types of ores, there are two special types of ores in the game – volcanic and northern. Volcanic ore is mined in underwater deposits, and northern ore is mined on the northern continent.

In addition to ores, you can dig up ordinary stones – they are very common. Topazes, emeralds and rubies are less common. Crystals and diamonds are a particularly rare type of stones.

Ordinary stones are widely used in the construction of houses and castles, while precious stones are much more valued in a variety of professions.

With a very small probability, you can also dig up a personal source of ore – you can put it anywhere, for example, in your yard, and within a few hours it will be periodically renewed, and it will be possible to extract ore from it.

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